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Welcome to Rivercrest Commons Family Dental.

About Us

Our Atmosphere

At Rivercrest Commons Family Dental, we built our office with our patients in mind. By creating a calming atmosphere combined with modern technology, we have made a place where our patients in Riverview receive the high-quality of dental care they need and deserve. From the moment you walk in our office, our team will make you feel comfortable, secure and cared for. Our cutting-edge practice has the latest equipment so that we can offer you the most advanced treatment options.

Our Team

Our team of dental professionals have undergone a series of courses maintaining their education to keep all of us current on the latest dental treatments and premium industry standards. At Rivercrest Commons Family Dental, we give each patient personal attention to explain procedures, listen to concerns and answer questions.

Our Philosophy

Rivercrest Commons Family Dental seeks to provide lifelong care to the Riverview area because your dental health is integral to your overall health. Our doctrine is to provide care that will be in your best interest now and for many years to come.

Our Services

While focusing on lifelong preventative care in Riverview, Florida, we offer a full range of dental procedures to meet the individual needs and preferences of every patient. From customary cleanings to complete smile renovations, we offer the latest dental treatments to give our patients the most advanced services available. Our treatments include:

Teeth Whitening

There are a number of reasons why your teeth may have changed color. Common causes involve eating, drinking and lifestyle habits, such as eating candy, drinking coffee and smoking. Our dentist can help you combat discoloration and dullness with effective teeth whitening treatments. 


Many people who experience tooth decay and plaque buildup assume that their only option is teeth extraction. Luckily, that's where crowns come into the picture. Crowns can preserve your natural tooth as their purpose is to cover the affected area and prevent further damage. Some procedures that require dental crowns are as follows:

  • Chipped or broken teeth, which can cause a gap and need surface replacement. 

  • Root canal treatments can also be the cause as it often requires a significant portion of the tooth to be removed to make way for the support structure and the cleaning process.

  • You can also use crowns to save weak and damage-prone teeth that could be at risk of getting weaker. This is more of a temporary crown and does not need permanent fixing.

  • A crown may also be fitted for cosmetic reasons.

Cure Abscess: Abscessed Tooth Treatment

An abscessed tooth is when the tissue surrounding the tooth or gum is infected. This infection can spread to the base of the tooth and cause further problems. The causes of an abscessed tooth include poor dental hygiene, excessive consumption of processed meat and dairy, an isolated incident or general physical issues.

We can treat an abscessed tooth with considerable care. We treat an abscess in a way that alleviates all symptoms of the condition to relieve our patients from the pain they have been experiencing.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are necessary to combat microscopic organisms and plaque that consistently gathered in the mouth. Our teeth cleaning process includes a thorough tooth examination, getting rid of the gathered tartar, flossing and polishing your teeth. Moreover, our dentist can offer you additional information about how to take good care of your teeth.


If metal braces don't suit you, then you may be interested in our Invisalign treatment. Invisalign consists of clear aligners that are custom-made in accordance with your dental structure.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and fit perfectly over your teeth. They are engineered to provide the right amount of pressure to gradually move teeth into perfect alignment, following a treatment plan devised by our dentist.

At Rivercrest Commons Family Dental, our patients are our highest priority. If you reside in the Riverview, Florida, area and are looking for a quality dentist, schedule your appointment by calling our office at 813-450-2966.  Our team looks forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!