Dental Imaging Techniques

When you first visit our dentist at Rivercrest Commons Family Dental, a large portion of your visit will be spent taking tests and identifying any dental issue present. Our dentist always takes your needs into consideration and provides an accurate diagnosis. Our team utilizing at a variety of x-rays and dental imaging styles at our Riverview, Florida, dental office. Take a closer look at these techniques, below. 

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are among the most common dental imaging techniques. The imaging result helps our dentist easily identify any issues or growths in the gums, teeth and enamel.

Intraoral Camera

A common dental x-ray, the intraoral camera is used when x-rays are needed of the interior of the mouth. 

If you have any questions regarding the dental imaging techniques utilized at Rivercrest Commons Family Dental, contact our office in Riverview, Florida. Our team is happy to answer your questions as well as provide more information regarding the tools and techniques we use. Speak with a friendly member of staff today by calling 813-450-2966.